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The interaction between the instructor and students was superb and simple to understand with real life reference.The way she explained the importance of every topics was simple yet powerful and effective. - OLUKAYODE AFOLABI, AFC FOOD MART AND CARRY OUT.
you're a great instructor! Thank You or the pleasure of taking your class - Christine, Lorien of Elkridge
Sue was the best I will let any know to take her class she is wicked awsome every time I called her for information she was there for me, and sue if you read this THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! - Balinda ,
You are very kind and had patience with me and the other students in the class who were taking this exam who had difficulty trying to log in and you made it easy for us to understand when you were training Us in this course giving us different scenarios. Thank you very much - Sheldon , Brightview