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The interaction between the instructor and students was superb and simple to understand with real life reference.The way she explained the importance of every topics was simple yet powerful and effective. - OLUKAYODE AFOLABI, AFC FOOD MART AND CARRY OUT.
I really enjoyed your class.I learn a lot of information in your class than I did in other classes.Thank you for your time.I passed.Im not a good tester but I survived.Thank you,again - Joannlovett, CRD Golf LLC
You had my complete attention all day (hard to accomplish for me). I hope to send more people to your class. - Regina Turner, Irish I Had A Cupcake, LLC
From the start, Mrs. Farace showed not only the knowledge but also the ability to teach it to others. Not limiting with what was in the text, but adding her own experiences and stories did help us understand better what the book referred to in some o - P. Venegas,