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Certified Food Safety Manager Certification Class Descriptions

During the Food Safety Manager training courses we will cover the following topics:

  • How to serve safe food
  • Learn about bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and biological toxins.
  • What can cause food to become contaminated
  • How to protect food from contamination
  • Discussion on food allergies
  • Personal hygiene
  • Temperature control from delivery to sale
  • Facility and pest management
  • Employee training
  • Introduction to Food Safety Management Plans

1-Day training and ServSafe ®Food Safety Manager Exam

8 hour Classroom Training and Exam

Class cost includes; E-Study Guide, 6 hours of training by a State of Maryland approved ServSafe ® instructor and exam.

1-Day training is for best for recertification or students that already have a good understanding of food safety regulations.

Check with your local jurisdiction for training hour requirements.

2-Days training and ServSafe® Food Safety Manager Exam

2-Day Classroom Training and Exam

Class cost includes; E-Study Guide, 2 days of training by a State of Maryland approved instructor and ServSafe ® exam.

Class is for best for individuals that have never taken the training, are new to food service or are required by local jurisdiction or employer to have 16 hour classroom training.

Accelerated Recertification

4 hour review of key concepts and recent changes and Exam

Class cost include; E-Study Guide, 2 hour review and ServSafe ® exam.

Session is best for students that have re-certified multiple times and has solid knowledge of the food code

ServSafe ® Exam Only

If you have taken on-line training or need to re-take exam due to not passing, we can proctor your exam

No study guide or training is provided.

Tired of canceled classes?

We never cancel a class for under-enrollment. Your time is valuable and SMF Training respects that.