SMF Training & Consulting

Private Food Protection Manager Level Training

Manager level training includes in-Person training, E-Study guide, Graded Practice Test and ServSafe Exam for as low as $95 per student.

# of Students Training Fee Student Fee Cost per student
12-35 $0 $95 $95
5-11 $400 $65 $105-$145
1-4 $500 $65 $190-$565

Add an additional $400 training fee for 2 day training. If you are outside of the Baltimore Metro area there may be a travel charge assessed.

Did you know you can get one student free if you host a class?

Why should you train your staff?

The Consequences of Neglecting Food Safety in Your Business. Here are some important points to consider when it comes to food safety and customer satisfaction:

  • A foodborne illness outbreak can significantly harm your reputation and lead to costly lawsuits.
  • Improperly trained staff may perform actions that customers find distasteful or inappropriate, which can be shared on social media and damage your brand image.
  • On average, customers will tell 10 people about a negative experience, and 5 of those people will share it with their own friends.
  • Only 8% of dissatisfied customers will voice their complaints, meaning that 92% of negative experiences go unaddressed.
  • It is six times more difficult to acquire a new customer than it is to retain a current one.

no bare hand contact with ready to eat food The 5 most common risk factors that can put your food and facility at risk:

  • Poor personal hygiene.
  • Holding food at incorrect temperatures.
  • Not cooking food to the correct temperature.
  • Contaminated equipment and surfaces.
  • Purchasing food from an unapproved supplier.
We train your staff in complying with the law but also recommended "best practices".