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Maryland Food Safety Manager Requirements

Local Requirements

Having a Food Safety Manager on duty is important and often required to be Health Department Compliant. In the State of Maryland it is required that a certified food safety manager (FSM) be on duty in the following jurisdictions:

  • Washington DC - Online Course is allowed, however, exam must be proctored by approved instructor.
  • Why should you train your staff?

    Training your food handlers to use good food safety practices may save your food service facility from a bad reputation or even worse being sued.

    According to the Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) there are over 5,000 deaths and 325,000 hospitalizations each year. Many reports estimate that many cases of food borne illness go unreported. The CDC also estimates that the price tag for food borne illness is $152 billion dollars.

    Food safety is important even if you are located in a county that does not require a staff member to hold a food handlers card. We recommend training key staff using the Servsafeā„¢ Food Safety Manager Certification program. In addition we recommend training you entire staff using Servsafeā„¢ Starters. At SMF Training Solutions we will develop a program specific to your establishment and train your staff on how they can reduce product loss and help prevent food borne illness in your food service facility.