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Owner, Sue Farace, CP-FS

You can reach Sue, the owner and instructor, at 410-687-1015 during normal business hours.

Employee Training Course

Tired of canceled classes?

We never cancel a class for under-enrollment. Your time is valuable and SMF Training respects that.

Current Class List

One Day ServSafe Food Safety ManagerWed 02/27
Two Day ServSafe Food Safety ManagerMon 03/04
One Day ServSafe Food Safety ManagerTue 03/12
One Day ServSafe Food Safety ManagerWed 03/20
One Day ServSafe Food Safety ManagerMon 03/25
Two Day ServSafe Food Safety ManagerTue 04/02
One Day ServSafe Food Safety ManagerTue 04/09
One Day ServSafe Food Safety ManagerSat 04/13
One Day ServSafe Food Safety ManagerWed 04/24
One Day ServSafe Food Safety ManagerMon 04/29

If you do not see a class date that meets your needs please call Sue at 410-687-1015. We typically offer 2 day trainings the first week of the month and 1 day trainings weekly throughout the year.

Free 10 minute employee illness training video
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The purpose of this training is to assist you and your employees in understanding the importance of the recommended FDA form 1-B. During the presentation the following topics are covered;

  • What is foodborne illness
  • Causes of foodborne illness
  • Who can be affected by foodborne illness
  • Symptoms of foodborne illness
  • How does foodborne illness relate to the employees job
  • The responsibilities of a foodhandler
  • Proper Hygiene; including hand-care, glove use and RTE foods
  • What symptoms and illnesses must be reported to management
  • Understanding the form 1B

NOTE: this is not to be used as a substitution for food handler food safety training.

On-Site Employee Training

During 2 hour employee training courses we will cover the following topics:

  • How to Serve Safe Food
  • Pathogens and food safety
  • How foods are contaminated
  • Protecting consumers that have allergies
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Keeping food safe from delivery to sale

All employees in your facility should be trained in the best and current food safety practices as it applies to their job. We offer on-site training to cover a broad range of topics for all your food service employees from front of the house to back of the house. We can customize the training for your facility and even for each station or we can also provide a general training for all employees at one time. Cost for general training is $300 for first 10 students and $10 for each additional student. General course includes the Servsafe ® Starters employee book and certificate of completion from SMF Training and Consulting.
Contact Susan at 410-687-1015 or by email to arrange for a private class or discuss options.

On-Line Employee Training

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We now offer on-line food handler training through NRFSP (National Registry of Food Safety Professionals). Cost per employee is only $12.95. Click the link in the image to be directed to the NRFSP website.