SMF Training & Consulting

Top-Notch Food Safety Training

Train all your staff without the cost of manager level training

Top-Notch training will provide staff knowledge they need to provide safe food.

  • Why is practicing food safety important
  • How to handle food during the flow of food
  • What can go wrong and the cost to the employees and owners
  • How food handlers can prevent contamination of the food they serve
  • Allergens
  • Employee Illness

Not everyone is required to have the Manager level training and ServSafe certification, but all your staff must receive food safety training for the tasks they perform. I have taken my 25+ years of industry experience and knowledge and created a staff level training that explains what typically goes wrong in retail and how staff can play a positive role in preventing mistakes from happening.

The training is 3 hours and can be held at your location or at mine. A self-graded exam will be provided to test the student’s application of knowledge.

Cost for general training is $350 for first 10 students and $10 for each additional student. Course includes Top-Notch reference guide and certificate of completion from SMF Training and Consulting.