SMF Training & Consulting

Top-Notch Food Safety Training

Train all your staff without the cost of manager level training

Top-Notch training will provide staff knowledge they need to provide safe food.

  • Why practicing food safety is important
  • How to handle food during the flow of food
  • What can go wrong, and the cost to the employees and owners
  • How food handlers can prevent contamination of the food they serve
  • Allergens
  • Employee Illness

While it's not mandatory for all staff members to have Manager level training and ServSafe certification, it's crucial that everyone receives proper food safety training based on their job responsibilities. Our staff level training program leverages over 25 years of industry experience to provide valuable insights into common retail mistakes and how to prevent them.

The training is 3 hours and can be held at your location or at mine. A self-graded exam will be provided to test the student’s application of knowledge.

Cost for general training is $350 for first 10 students and $10 for each additional student. Course includes Top-Notch reference guide and certificate of completion from SMF Training and Consulting.