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Food Safety Information

Free Downloads for your food service operation.

Handwashing Poster

Required Food Allergen Poster

American Red Cross Choking Poster

FDA Employee Illness Reporting Forms

Form 1-A is used after offering employee position but before start of work. It asks employee about past illnesses including the Big 6

Food Employee Interview 1-A

Form 1-B informs employees that they will report illness to you as required.

Food Employee Reporting 1-B

Form 1-C is used when asking an employee to be cleared by a doctor before working around food. It is given to the employee and filled out by medical personnel

Food Employee Medical Referral 1-C

Critical Holding & Cooking Temperatures

Proper Cooling Poster

Sick Worker Poster


Great Training, Will recomend thank you very much - Anibal Rosas,
enjoyed the class! made learning all the material very easy. - jon w, bmore burger stack
Instructor answered any questions that I had and was very clear on everything that she taught us. Definitely prepared us well for the exam and she is a very good teacher. - Michaela Crue, BrightView Senior Living