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Food Safety Information

Free Downloads for your food service operation.

Handwashing Poster

Food Allergen Poster **updated with Sesame new for 2023**

American Red Cross Choking Poster

FDA Employee Illness Reporting Forms

Form 1-A is used after offering employee position but before start of work. It asks employee about past illnesses including the Big 6

Food Employee Interview 1-A

Form 1-B informs employees that they will report illness to you as required.

Food Employee Reporting 1-B

Form 1-C is used when asking an employee to be cleared by a doctor before working around food. It is given to the employee and filled out by medical personnel

Food Employee Medical Referral 1-C

Critical Holding & Cooking Temperatures

Proper Cooling Poster

Sick Worker Poster


The class was very helpful and I got answers relevant to my business and not just for the exam. Lots of useful examples. Thanks. - Ruqaiya Asad, Homestyle Personal Chef
Just wanted to let you know how very satisfied I was with the one day class I attended. Like the new location and again under the training of Sue Farace, who in my opinion does an excellent job in training.She is very informative, takes her time and has a great personality which makes it easy to learn. Always interested in her class and in making sure things are explained and u - Jayne Jazwinski, Maryland School for the Blind
Sue is very nice and will take the time to go in depth with explaining topics if students to not fully understand. Likewise, taking Serv Safe from SMF was a lot less stressful than taking it through RAM. This was the fourth time I have taken Serv S - Arlene, S. DiPaula & Sons Seafood, Inc.