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Competitive Edge™ Consulting

Competitive Edge™ is a comprehensive program developed by Sue Farace, CP-FS. Sue utilizes her business, experience as a facility owner and food safety backgrounds to provide the business owner with the tools needed to compete in the highly competitive restaurant industry.

Get back your edge!

Competitive Edge™ Consulting services are for small to medium size restaurants, bars, taverns or carry-outs that are under performing or just out of control. We will view at your business as a whole and offer solutions to get back your competitive edge. We can help you with re-establishing your brand, inventory control, menu planning, staff training and increased quality control through good food safety practices.
At SMF Training and Consulting we have the insider information on what makes large franchises so successful and we can provide you with the tools to find your Competitive Edge™! We want you to be successful and can create a plan to fit any budget.

Start the process today

  • Call our office at 410-687-1015 to get started taking back control.
  • FREE CONSULTATION – First we start off with a free on-site consultation to review your goals and concerns. I want to hear from the you about what is working and what isn’t. I will ask questions about the existing business model, goals (current and future), what you feel your challenges are. This is your business and vision and your financial stake is on the line. I am not here to rebrand you with my vision.
  • Assessment – Based on what I learned in our first visit, I will provide a general assessment of areas that could be improved and provide you with a quote for services.
  • Observation – Observing the operation is the best way to get a deep understanding of what specifically needs to be improved. This will include back of the house, front of the house, and general organization. Guest experience may be monitored. Existing management plans will be reviewed. If permitted, anonymous interviews with staff will be conducted.
  • Recommendations – Based on your objectives and my observations, I will provide a comprehensive recommendation report (CRR) on steps that can be taken to help you reach your goals.
  • Review – The CRR will be reviewed with key staff so that everyone is on the same path to success.
  • Implementation – We will work together to implement the new plan, re-train staff as necessary and monitor the success.

A message from Sue Farace, CP-FS

Navigating Tough Times: How I Can Help Your Business Thrive

As an owner or manager, it's becoming increasingly difficult to achieve goals or keep your business afloat. Don't wait until trying desperate ideas to bring in customers. This approach will not sustain you through these trying times. Every owner must optimize every aspect of their business. However, it can be challenging to identify areas in need of improvement when you're in the thick of it.

That's where I come in. With a comprehensive understanding of the restaurant business from top to bottom, inside and out, I can help you navigate these challenges. If you feel like you're constantly struggling to attract customers and putting out fires, give us a call today. I'm confident that I can help your business thrive. "

Contact us by phone at 410-687-1015 or by email at for more information.


Your class was informative and you made it fun. This is a new career field for me and you made it easy to learn the theories I'll need to understand before opening my business. I've already referred a few colleagues to you. Thank you for - Tanisha Olin, Groovy Girl Cupcakes
Overall great class - Jerome , Five Guys
Sue is very nice and will take the time to go in depth with explaining topics if students to not fully understand. Likewise, taking Serv Safe from SMF was a lot less stressful than taking it through RAM. This was the fourth time I have taken Serv S - Arlene, S. DiPaula & Sons Seafood, Inc.