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Owner, Sue Farace, CP-FS

You can reach Sue, the owner and instructor, at 410-687-1015 during normal business hours.

Email: Contact: Sue Farace, CP-FS
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Competitive Edge™ Consulting

Competitive Edge™ Consulting is a comprehensive program designed by Sue Farace, CP-FS to give you the competitive edge you need in the restaurant industry. We can help you increase customer perception, reviews, food quality and of course food safety. Let us help you get back your Competitive Edge™!

Contact us by phone at 410-687-1015 or by email at for more information.

Competitive Edge™ Consulting

Competitive Edge™ is a unique program developed by Sue Farace, CP-FS. Sue utilizes her business management, facility owner and food safety backgrounds to provide the small business owner with the tools needed to compete in the highly competitive restaurant industry.

Competitive Edge™ consulting services are perfect for any restaurant that has seen a decrease in sales, increase in customer complaints or someone looking to take their restaurant business to the next level. Working directly with management our team will review your current practices, standards, customer reviews and assess quality control. We will then provide you with a Competitive Edge™ plan to get back your competitive edge. The tools we will provide can help you increase sales, customer perception, reviews, food quality and of course food safety practices. At SMF Training and Consulting we have the insider information on what makes large franchises so successful and our team can provide you with the tools to get your Competitive Edge™ back! We want to see you successful and can create a plan to fit any budget.